Memeages: the Evolution of a meme: Team A-Holes

remember there is no “I” in “team” – workshop platitude


some time during the coffee break

it gets repeated


and becomes refined


Canada’s new Meme Sensation: Lying Piece of Shit Man

on one hand, it’s media and the other, it’s a geezer who won’t live to deal with the problems that his generation and conservatives who put profits and prophets before people. See related Let Conservatives Twist in the Wind – … Continue reading

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Memes: Nailing It Awkwardly Rings True

5 words to ruin a date Meme “Will you read my screenplay?” seriously – did I nail the meme for a permanent word fix, eh? I tagged three others… I returned to the place I saw the Ruin a Date … Continue reading

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Writer’s Coinage: From Words to Messages on Memes

Duggar: That burning pull when something too big is going into or out of, your anus. Being Duggared: see also: Butt Sex. Ass Fuckers. Buggering Buggers, Bothering Buggars, Bothering Duggars, Duggar Botherers ~~~ this is so far beyond media whore…. … Continue reading

meetingsdemotivator meetings-meme-300x200

The “I had a happy childhood” meme

I have attended a lot of meetings over my life in volunteering and within my public service career. The best meetings start with some sort of light hearted get to know each other game. One game I remember was to … Continue reading

On-an-average-day smiling-in-the-face-of-adversity-12928

Coincidence: The Memefluence Factor

seeing the same message repeat from a variety of sources has a way of confirming and affirming our beliefs, bias, wishful and preferential thinking   but a lot of messages conform to and confirm reality   and every now and … Continue reading

Coincidence or Confluence?


Who’s Your Meme Daddy?

Richard Dawkins coined the word meme   too bad he was so stupid about Elavator Gate and sexual abuse oh well no one is perfect nor should anyone follow all that anyone else says   take the good bits and … Continue reading

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