Challenge Accepted


Black Coffee
An original screenplay
Screenplay By  Dennis L. Hiatt & Nina Tryggvason
Register WGAw 1562732


Family neighbourhood. Houses with 2 cars in front and children’s toys on
the lawns. We glimpse families settled in for the evening.

GABRIELLE’S HOUSE has lights on and curtains drawn. The front yard is an elaborate garden of vegetables, fruits and flowers.
There is a sign which reads: “Help Yourself to this community garden.”

The kitchen is extremely tasteful with funky flourishes.
On the corner of the centre block, there is a luscious salad with
spinach, spring greens and colourful veggies. (no dressing no croutons,
maybe cubes or shreds of white cheese)

MARY KATHERINE “MERRY CAT” INDELICATO, early 20s, girl-nextdoor
hot, dressed sharp and looking cool. Calmly, she takes a last drag on
a partially smoked Winston Cigarette then stubs it out.

GABRIELLA ROMERO, mid 30’s, butch cop in colourful clothes, smiles at
Merry cat as she slices veggies and fruits.
You should only smoke what you can grow.

You gardeners, put business folk out of work.


I’ll be putting you to work. Don’t fret your pretty little head.

Merry Cat grins a lopsided wicked grin with a I double dog dare you

Gabriella softens, just a little bit, then steps towards Merry Cat with
a juicey mango cut into a heart shape.

Merry Cat slinks closer then stops a few inches away.
They stare really hard at each other for a moment. Neither one giving or
backing away.

Gabriella steps closer, they are almost touching.
Gabriella seductively puts the mango heart into her lips.

Merry Cat’s body reacts. She leans in closer. Her lips are against the
mango, and their bodies are touching, but not yet pressed against each

Merry Cat’s eyes close so sweetly, you almost expect her to lift a foot
like in old movies. But she stands very still, anticipation builds.

Gabriella’s eyes close and she leans ever slowly until the mango is
equally between their lips.

They kiss as the mango disappears between them.

They grab at each other, then slide frantically in a near race to the floor.

-Fruits and vegetables cut up and oozing juice or being sliced, diced with juices oozing
-Reveal nature’s fractual patterns of fruits/vegs – luridcolours

-Various lesbian (multicultural) Fingers passing diced cubes

or slices into lips
-Cube and slices held between a wide range of female lips – invarious geometric shapes – and being eaten/kiss shared between other female lips

-Fruits swirled into smoothies



Yes. This is a completed screenplay.

Meme Challenge completed.

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