90s Dyke Culture

We went folk punk and mainstream and we marched and won rights

Lesbian Avengers, Queer Nation, Outrights and the December 9 Coalition

the Vancouver Lesbian Centre closed after a decade of operation.

Theatre and Movies began to move beyond coming out or being killed stories for heterosexual audiences

Stonewall Anniversaries and the Toronto Bath house raids in canada, the queer community began to connect internationlly, beyond the newspapers of earlier decades and onto the intenet and more publically displays of sexuality while pride protests became pride parades.

who says they can’t be Elvis? the 90s lesbian chic kd lang, melissa etheridge, the indigo girls, joan armatrading

the 1990s Lesbian Breast Cancer scare and Vancouver’s barbra findley and the very real cancer and access to medical services, across the social classes and demographics issue. the death of Audre Lourde 1992. .

Betty Baxter was the first lesbian to run for a Canada federal position and lost to Liberal Hedy Fry. but so did PM Kim Campbell.

the Canadian cartoon had a character come out. For Better for For Worse.

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