Big Brother vs Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium

these are articles from the Vancouver queer papers in the 1990s Angels and Xtra West.

Little Sisters is still a bookstore on Davie Street, but the orginal location has been torn down. In the 1990s, it was bombed twice without injuries to people.

Little Sister’s Vs Big Brother

Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium is one of the most famous or infamous bookstores in Canada. At their original location, they were subjected to at least 2 bombings that I can remember in the early 1990s and a massive … Continue reading →

Celebrating Banned Book Week: Little Sister’s Art & Book Emporium tribute

Little Sister’s took the brunt of federal government censorship

while community policing was an issue for the queer community, from gay bashing to unfairness in the courts as demographics that fall and continue to into the nobody category.

BC Justice Wally Oppal took notice in government reporting. ‘

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

I worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 3 years as the workflow analyst and forms designer. I had been working there only a month when a request came into my office to update form ED301 that officers … Continue reading →

domestic abuse in lesbian and gay couples Xtra West and Angles newspapers early 1990s
Two-Spirit Caucus addressing the Beyond Survival Gathering 1990s
in 2019 #MissingWomen and #IdleNoMore

From Sex Workers to Mainstream: the 1990s was the decade when queer was no longer for decadent white people of social standing, but all ethnic demographics and social classes. we worked in all areas of society, including government – Brian Mossop and we formed families.

The Queer 1990s

one of the last times it was small enough to be shown in one city, this was the main display and there was other parts already in venues and multiple locations.

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