The Queer 1990s

Hello, I’m Nina, back in the 1990s, I was the news editor, and writer/photographer and once I was on the cover, I preferred when I was the cover photographer.

body image and self image, eating disordered then and in 2019

food insecurity and housing remains a constant stress

little wonder everyone is self medication or soothing with whatever best serves or punishes, too much or too little.

worse than the damage we do to ourselves, it is that which we tolerate from so called loved ones, what would be a crime in the street by a stranger. eh.

in this issue of Xtra West, I interviewed a lesbian who admitted to beating her partner and excused herself by that was what her father had been like.

it was said that there was not enough of us to extend rights, which have costs across society

but that is doing rights wrong, they only have the intended noble meaning when they are expanded to groups that have fewer or none

it is wrong for those with rights to withhold them from others

and it begins with dignity of person, until an individual, not an assumption about demographics. behaves in a manner that there is a mechanism for their removal.

first community standards and then the law of the land that community sits.

there is a higher cost to withholding rights and it is the suicide rate of the society across the vulnerable groups, which should never be pitted against each other.

the last edition of Angles – what had been “Gay and Lesbian” eventually included officially “bisexual” and the expression “Lesbigay” began until the era of the acronym LGBT to LGBTQ2

by the end of the paper’s life from the late 1970s until the mid 2000s transgender was added by one activist who could make a decision rather than take three months to gain collective approval as the bisexual change had been done by.

once it was the white gays and lesbians, by the 1990s. we were not the only ones and the proof was people from nations where it was a literal death sentence, not just a social one as in the western world.

given how the groups behave I wonder why more people aren’t asexual or celibate by choice – and I mean actually not the Vatican kind, eh.

intersectionality means we support each part of the community

divided we’re genocided and united we stand a hell of a chance. eh.

vancouver gay lesbian transgender and bisexual community newspaper last edition
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