Workshopping It

Psychology Today Sept 5 2013


I have been trying to establish a new daily routine. Not that the routine itself is varied, but the context and purpose of it. Scope and magnitude.

Grounding in reality isn’t hard when you’ve been ground into it. Nota dolla fortuna. The wheel grinds you down and it’s supposed to lift you up too. Eventually.

Anyway. I wake up in that I open my eyes. I go outside with the dogs and make a short video, the summary of thoughts from yesterday, processed through the dream state.

Such as it is. I don’t remember my dreams upon waking anymore and I usually don’t have a sense of being rested. Everything remains unresolved and dissatisfaction rains on any parade. especially when there’s no route plan or markers.


Anyway, I do dog stuff, get coffee and connected to the internet.

My first blog is about wrapping up the day’s before video portions that I want to share now. Most I hold for later or other purposes.

I need multiple reasons to do anything, so I have been telling myself I am making a documentary. Sort of inspired by the Sam Sullivan, Vancouver’s former mayor, his doc about life in a wheelchair.

My life as a house. Already a movie. A dying guy builds one for his family, while I am just trapped in one. Feeling like a Victorian novel crazy woman in the attic.

Oh Virgina, enough about the biscuits – just dip them in water, not yourself, eh? be a dear.

After I finish with yesterday’s items, I go to this magazine page and see what’s there, because there is always something useful and some days are more on point and almost feel like it’s customized for me. And given the ways that computers work these days, who freaking knows anymore?

Luddite Geek. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.


anyway, I needed to capture my processing so I screen shooted the mag site and added my thoughts.


cutty cutty pastesy pastey

I feel like I am back at Angles, doing a news & entertainment magazine


paste up


graphic design

multi media

music and videos

content provider and media mixer



fake it til you make it

but making it is to fake


and everything is simulated

watered down

it’s a good enough thing

it’s gonna have to be



okay… go play in history

maybe a…at least it’s something to try to get conversations going with on facebook with pals



down to the digital


ironic disconnect

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