What is Said vs What is Understood

said and heard

The Triangulations blog has revealed an interesting problem between believers and non-believers in the discussion of religion

The post is about religion and harm but it’s the comment area that becomes the interesting part:

If we can’t speak generally about religion and the apparently detail oriented posts aren’t about actual data – you’ve rather interestingly illustrated the essence of the problem of discussion between believers and non-believers

For believers – it’s the details that are critical – but there’s no data to be detailed

For non-believers – it’s the broad strokes that matter, since there’s no data in the details.

so there is no possible arena for discussion


See also:

Why Nonbelievers and beleivers can’t talk to each other


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but also in the personal arena


what one person says


and the other hears


is not just words, but the relationship and context



which is dependent on both parties having the same frame of reference


darmok and jalad at tanagra








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