On-line Meet Ups – Safety First

Safety first


Well today I am going out in the evening to volunteer for a group social activity.

I am going to help decorate the Fetlife.com Pride Float.


So, basic safety means letting my roommates know where I am going and how long I plan to be out for, since I have no idea who I am going to be meeting. But I am really looking forward to this outing.


Now that made me share the links in the LezFlirt International for dating and mating best practises.

have a sense of the person you are going to meet before the meeting

and you should discuss a public venue as a first step


and since I think you can tell a lot about a person from their parents, here is me with my Mom at my parent’s house last summer


Nina and her Mom Sylvia


This used to be one of my fave shirts to wear.

Post Dykes to watch out for 1


One of the funniest stories I have had in the last couple of years happened in that shirt.

A little girl, about 6, saw me and grabbed her Mother’s hand in alarm and asked urgently:


Mommy! Is that a burglar?



I burst out laughing that that Keystone Cops convention from the 1920 was still recognizable to children until I realized that it was probably the McDonald’s Hamburgler who has carried that symbolism on…


Sims Burgler


Anyway, it’s always best to have a sense of who you are meeting


and I am pretty much in person the way that I am on my blog.






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