Medical Systems: A Canada – US Comparison

I used to work at the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective as a database administrator.

I created a datasbase for the groups’ resource library of information and a referral database of support groups across the province.

The concept for the project was basically what medical sites are now. To provide women with health information.

Marion Crook, a BC writer who’s Teen Talks about series used the Collective and me as a resource person and she explained to me about a study she had done that showed that women get the majority of their health information from magazines.

Sadly, women’s magazines which seriously. I hate going to the grocery store because when I look at those covers,I can feel my IQ drop.

  • Lose weight? – eat fewer calories than you exercise off.
  • Better sex? communicate with your partner and masturbate to know your body.
  • and why is there always cake on the cover?

Anyway, this morning, one of my facebook pals posted about endometriosis.

and to respect her privacy, I am not sharing a screenshot or her comments.

what I wrote on facebook was:

that is a form of cancer. my ex had to have several surgeries leading to a total hysterectomy. the tissue that builds up is not flushed out and it can move and attach to other organs…

Well, its’ the tissue that would normally line your uterus and be shed with your period. The tissue doesn’t separate and it migrates – growing with your hormones. which is party why hormone replacement therapy is a bad choice becasue that’s what triggers growth…. it’s like pulling teeth out of doctors to get the information you need to make informed choices about your health care instead of having it dictated to you

there seems to be a real difference with the medical profession in the US, which is profit driven and Canada, which has had universal health care – everyone gets in the same line, while in the US, your demographic group really has an impact on IF you get health care as well as the quality – the stress of having to deal with so much complexity of the system is undermining people’s recovery and coping with illness.

Possibly one of the most horrifying things that I read was an internal document from the American Gynecologists who talked about getting a woman client onto birthcontrol, birthing her babies, getting her into a hysterecomy position and then starting over with her now teen daughters.

Partly because it had an almost assumption of the doctor being immortal, but more the sexist power over women – planning and control down the generations.

That non-white women are given more hysterectomies than white ones – that black women have a higher mortality rate from cancer largely owing to later diagnosis because of poverty and access issues than white women

while white women have higher cancer rates is a startling statistic from the late 1990s

and I doubt it’s changed much today

Canada’s Health Care system might be slow, but everyone was treated the same.

Now with private clinics and wealthy people being able to jump the queque with medical tourism to the US and billing the Canada system at the higher cost

worse that people act like having a parallel private system will shorten lines in the public system – with no thought to that doctors will leave the public system for the private system

it’s not like there’s another group of doctors waiting in the wings – wait – we could have more doctors and medical people if we recognized global credentials and didn’t make immigrants work in sectors outside of their training.

but then, that does deplete the doctors available in other countries….

or medical tourism abroad – India and China

Medical tourism to China is particularly horrifying given the Falun Gong situation.

Probably the most important thing that the Health Collective did and I think still does is help women figure out how to talk to and work with their doctors or find a new one.

Doctors are professionals at work, but they are regular people when they get home.

everything seems to come back to respect vs reverance

and people have forgotten the difference

respect is earned, not bestowed

in the 1970s, my Uncle Gus was hired as a consultant by the Province of BC to look at efficiency and cost savings to the health care system

His report concluded:

1. fire 2/3s of managers, then put that money into:

2. equipment capitol expenses

3. hire medical staff to run them

4. support and cleaning staff

I have asked my Dad for the archive copy of it, because the Province never released or acted on it.

a few years ago, I read an article about a man in Brazil who inherited his family business which was about a million dollar a year profit

He didn’t want to work that industrial age work schedule and he fired 2/3 of the managers because we treat everyone as an adult except for at work.

people who are happy and committed to their job do not need to be watched over by supervisors with no work of their own to do

so he had everyone write down their dream job description and pick a mentor in the company and write down the salary they wanted.

everyone got their wish and within 2 years, he was breaking $10 million in profits a year

it’s all about how we value people as people

not as products or cogs or brood mares

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