My Adult Coming Out Moment

anyway. at 23

I am in film school and the teacher looks like signoureny weaver


I can’t breath, my heart is pounding and my knees are weak and it’s a total Elvis song.

I think to myself. What is wrong with me. I am staring at her through a window with 2 students on a editing machine

I think to me: If she was a man, I would recognize this as a crush, but she is a woman so what is going on?

Then, SHE looks up at me and smiles and my heart goes to the floor.

I think. I am in love with a woman. Cool. I can romantically love people. I feel normal. a wave of desire…. and a wave of relief

then panic . this was 1991.

and I lost all my civil rights.

all in one swoop

at 23

at 45, I was just sharing my experience with a family member.

and decided to share it here

just like, many years ago, when a  manager where I worked came out to me as bi and I told her this story, and then I blogged it because I don’t have much to say…..


creating content is hard

I was just musing that the day that Epiphany Moment happened, I was riding on the sky train with a silly grin on my face.

A woman asked me why I was so happy.

I said, I just found out that my favorite teacher and I share a birthday.

Oh? what day is it?

January 19, I replied.


we shared a laugh and a bench seat for a few stations until she disembarked

however, so much for random chance

that teacher is het and she had a wonderful man as a partner

I enjoyed being friends with them for a while when I was trying to get that roadside memorial documentary funded.

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