Second Place is first loser

Today’s theme song – sometimes you have to give yourself credit for trying.

Mash cast 1

Mash cast 2

The tv show MASH was a regular feature and watching it with my parents and 2 Uncles – my Dad’s brothers who lived with us in New Westminster – was probably the best current era history course I could have had.

One tv that everyone watched and talked about, rather than now with multiple tvs on and everyone glued to their own additional screens.

The characters that coped best in the conflict where the ones who committed to the conflict to convince themselves that they were right and doing good.

The characters that taught how to cope, resisted the circumstances and sadly, alcohol to numb feelings and dull thoughts was the go to solution.

In real life, there are drugs and other self destructive behaviours.

Dr Sidney

My fave guest character was Dr Sidney.

the episode that he hypnotized the suicidal soldier to twitch his hand when he had a self harm impulse.

not long after that episode, my Dad and I were visiting a pal of his and they got into a conversation about false memories.

it was all the rage in the late 90s, arising from the Satanic Abuse Panic Movement, UFO abductions and the very real child abuse and incest that happens in families.

Trauma does tricky things to memories and our brains do try to protect us from our darker selves from experiences that are traumatic. otherwise, we remain stuck in those emotions and the trauma never ends.

it’s always there, but it’s about being able to not dwell on it and focus on other life areas and keep things in perspective. but that requires one having a life that one is engaged in.

in any event, my Dad explained that it was very easy to mess with memories and emotions.

He told his pal to close his eyes and hold out his hands.

Think of something happy, my Dad touched the right hand

Think of something unhappy, My Dad touched the left hand

repeated this three times

on the 4th time, he switched which hand he touched

this simple association was enough to emotionally confuse the memories

and that was just as a one off.

But watching that was certainly how I knew to evade the scientologists when I did their personality test and got them to show me the emeter.

I simply thought of the opposite of what they said, yet their device read as they expected.

think of something sad and I thought about riding my pony the few times  I did for the months we had Raindrop

and think of something happy, and I imaged my Amma in her coffin. the worst thing I had experienced in my life to that point I had been 12.

but their emeter went to extreme happy and extreme sad on their instructions

what is shown is often the opposite of what is internally true

because what we show is what we would like to be true



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