NinaVerse: Previously Unreleased Video!


I had uploaded this below video of me in Feb 2014 and for whatever reason, it was tagged private and I just found it today.



In the mid 80s, the high school spirit was kinda low and given that the student council thought that celebrating the Orwell novel 1984 was a good idea…



Anyway, as an example, even the sports banquet was cancelled owing to a lack of ticket sales.



But, my high school social studies class convinced the teacher that a field trip to Vancouver from Chilliwack was a great way to study urban development.



Ironically for me, having read 1984 actually became something of a recovery template.


I lost my ability to speak quite literally and I struggle to make sounds to people. I remain more comfortable talking alone to my video camera.



Anyway, I was reduced at one point to a vocabulary of 34 words and I couldn’t understand nuance or magnitude.


so I double plussed it by adding the Orwellian modifiers to express myself at first


I also was careful to use words that were of a lower emotional value


for example


instead of saying upset to terrified


I would say




because saying the word intensified the feeling


a compounding from feeling, understanding the feeling, cognitively understanding





the struggle continues


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