understanding reality through gaming

exercise routine

Nina and Cleo

This game teaches city planning, sustainable growth – resource extraction/manufacturing, labour relationships and social engineering – balancing religious, sanitation/health, employment sector and social stability.

Nina and Civolution

Civilization encourages exploration, including comparing cultures and how tech/religion/culture has impacts on what societies discover and create as a result. Over the versions of the game the increased complexity of social forces/factors has built on the complexity of scale of city management to the civilization wide priorities. Certainly, one of the best of the god games.

Nina and Sports

This is a collection of sports and it’s a good way to get off the couch and move.

I found that dueling with swords on my pal’s wii a few years back was an amazing way to burn off aggression and I was able to sleep that night with 27 wins in a row under my belt.

Sometimes you have to take pride in any level of accomplishment, even when it only means something to you. Not explaining it to others becomes the way to keep it yours.

Nina and small wights Nina and small wights 2

after a few weeks of looking at the weights, I have added them to my pacing routine and am starting to do arm exercises.


Viva the Ferengi Women’s Liberation Equality Movement.

how did the men think they were so smart to not even think to exploit a market right at home and source of labour and contribution.

it’s the one thing that the Civ games get wrong – when it comes to the women’s equality achievement – it should lower criminality and increase productivity.

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