Raw Recovery: No Nutrition Panel Needed

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On the rare occasion I go to a grocery store, I am always happy to explain to people how to read nutrition labels.

But the best eating choices are for foods that do not require one.

However, the thing to be aware of is how legislation views food.

Because in Canada, the peel of an apple is deemed the package and that being the case, means all kinds of shellacks and wax and chemicals can be applied for freshness.

reading nutrition panels

The first thing to understand about nutrition panels is understanding the layout.

The more important the information is, the smaller the typeface and the less accurately it will be described.

Most labels are in marketspeak not scientifically described.

calories are the total energy the food has and most of that will be in carb form. Complex (unseparated ingredients, ie whole grain, complex molecule that takes energy to break down) or simple (refined, simple molecule absorbed as energy, ie white flour, table sugar).

whole foods contain some of protein, fat, carbs, fiber and nutrition in the form of minerals and vitamins


so the nutrition panel is about not giving you really enough information at a glace

but in addition to that panel, you need to read the ingredient list

and that is where the magic really happens, because now, you have to have a chemistry degree to understand most of it


here’s a sample of labels that appear on ingredient lists

the law is that they must be listed in order of greatest to smallest portions.

so, when a bottle says “100% Juice” and the first ingredient is Water, then juice concentrate (water and juice)

even factoring for that most of the juice out of the plant is in fact water stored by it, it’s not pure juice when concentrated, which destroys most of the nutrition, which is then reconstituted and then chemically returned through the natural and simulated flavours market speak which is vauge phrases for chemical shitstorm

so this is one of the few juice brands that I buy

RW Knudsen pomegrante RW Knudsen black cherry RW Knudsen Blueberry RW Knudsen cranberry

naturally grown

oh, when I had to take insulin before I ate, it was a ratio of insulin to the total carbs minus the fibre.

so the more fibre you eat, the more your body balances the carbs

which is what refining does, it takes out the chaffe and fibre and reduces the food to the reward purity part

in a way, it’s not that different from making drugs purer.

in fact, sugar is probably the simplest form of morphine/heroin on that track of reward consumables

so really, it’s not pot that’s the gateway to reward seeking behaviours, it’s potatoes.

and making alcohol from potato.. vodka and other spirits

is the start of most of the social problems

the only good thing that came out of prohibition was, for a while, domestic abuse rates went down when people couldn’t use booze to excuse their behaviours

Nina Mirror grin and bear it

the nutrition in in the peel or just under it for most fruits and veg and also, where the fibre is.

so it’s not packaging, it’s part of the food, eh?

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