Quest of Tears: The Gratitude Power Up

Dog Pile

The Elvis Who Lived

comedy transformations – the Shut In Stand Up to Lezzie Bruce

combining karoke therapy with dance – impersonating Elvis to better health

Agoraphobic Life Coaching

Helping Others lets you help yourself – and inspires real friendship and mutual admiration and support – kindness is the gift that goes on giving

Inner Elvis

The Raw Recovery Specialist

The hardest thing for me to do is talk about myself

I have done nothing but talk about me to people who were not listening for so long

so thank you facebook for listening

I have gone from it’s a good enough thing to almost living well

Surviving is better than Existing

so the next recovery step is thriving

What I said on my original blog:

What and How I talk about things now

Genuine Smile Nina

So it;s been really restorative to my self esteem to learn that people do like me

I totally hear Sally Fields in my head. You like me you really like me.

but what has been really… blushing.. is the number of women who have let me know just how much they like me

and well. to learn at any age that you are desirable is an amazing thing

but to learn that at 45 when I most needed to have something that was uniquely me to feel good about

because have been made to not feel good about how smart and helpful that I am.

and to that end. I have started these two free workshops – and I will post the links after to the actual workshops

but these are the online indexes to the manual and information that I am sharing about my recovery process that anyone can do

Healing with Nina – a self esteem and sexuality exploration to create the authentic self

thank you facebook

and thank you everyone that I had to block for teaching me about boundaries

and thank you everyone who chats with me on my timeline

and those who are actual friends and

a special callout to my gang of 13 who get to see when I am online and open to chat with anytime

and to Margie Vann Georgina Jayne Baker and Emma Low

who let me coach them last year to happier lives and a more authentic self

you have really made a difference in the quality of my life

so you get some spillover from my karmic balance sheet

kindness begets kindness and that’s how one earns respect

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