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Elvis Presley Enterprises, USA is suing yet another Elvis Superfan – this time in Holland the creator and operator of Graceland Randers

Åbningstider – Graceland Randers
Få en rundvisningen og hør bl.a. historier om Elvis’ liv, om effekterne i museet og om, hvordan Graceland Randers blev en realitet. Rundvisningen varer ca. en …

Graceland Randers Reviews – TripAdvisor

Graceland Randers, Randers: See 128 reviews, articles, and 32 photos of Graceland Randers, ranked No.2 on TripAdvisor among 72 attractions in Randers.

Previously, EPE sued Sid Shaw of the Elvisly Yours shop in the UK

Elvisly Yours Judgement in High Court

Jump to The ‘Elvis‘ Application9 of the Act. This means that Enterprises must ….. name Elvis or Elvis Presley upon or in connection with their …

Elvis Presley died broke and in tax debt to the city of Memphis.

A big part of that was the 1973 sale to RCA of his back catalog, a sale that basically gave Col Parker a big bit of cash and Priscilla in her second divorce claim.

Vernon Presley made bad investment choices and Elvis had a big spending habit.

When Vernon died in 1979, Priscilla took over and hired actual business people.

Col Parker turned out to be correct, there was no limit to how many times you can sell the same Elvis product, and there is no bottom to the Elvis market.

The Estate’s Elvis revenue comes from the cash grab negotions of Parker that never took into account inflation, or future technology – movies played in theatres and had a second run on tv.

the idea of home videos, dvd and the internet streaming – Elvis Presley was on the of the biggest celebs of the Web 1.0 in terms of fans able to tell their own stores of concerts or meetings and sharing the staggering number of photos of Elvis.

Elvis Presley Enterprises’ primary income is licensing and their main business has been litigation and legislation.

They are almost solely responsible for creating the concept of after death rights, trademarking a person and extending copyright.

More so in the USA than most of the world where Elvis Presley is public domain – a folk hero.

Elvis arose from the people and got famous on talent and bravado and he did it the wrong way and changed the entertainment industry to conform to him; even though Elvis never got the benefit of any of that. Elvis supported the team but he wasn’t a member.

51rbz4UUBeL._SY411_BO1,204,203,200_ 16370249_BG1

now I do want to be very clear about 1 thing

Elvis would never approve of or tolerate fans recording his shows or sharing the tapes in the 1970s and he wouldn’t approve of file sharing now

so as generous as Elvis was – giving away almost everything he earned to employees, the industry – his pennies per unit added up to a lot

he was the proudest highest paying taxpayer who never voted

Elvis was about making the money, partly why he workhorsed himself into boredom and allowed quantity over quality.


the reality of show

reality shows

show us reality

I don’t think we like what we see that it says about us

is that why we are so desperate for Elvis to have died from anything but the prescription drugs?

that mundane and obvious cause

the only conspiracy about his death was the intial report of having died in bed

to give him a bit of dignity, denied to him in life, in the media and why he is not given the artist cred that his imitators have


Ulsterman who found out how Elvis Presley really died

Belfast TelegraphSep 3, 2015
A professor from Northern Ireland has been credited with establishing the exact cause of Elvis Presley’s death – and finally putting to rest the …

Elvis Presley Posts 53rd Top 40 Album on Billboard 200 Chart

BillboardAug 26, 2015
Elvis Presley during a live performance at Honolulu International Center in Honolulu, Hawaii on Jan. 14, 1973 for his NBC special.

Animal lover COMBS a crow with a tiny brush to Elvis Presley song

Daily MailSep 2, 2015
The footage, which is already surreal in itself, is made even more hypnotic as Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender plays in the background.
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