StageWear: Elvis vs Liberace

Liberace is correct – he was ONE of the influences on Elvis understanding of spectacle.


Country and Western had a style of sequins and suit decorations too:

Hank WIlliams Musical Suit


Hello Mr. Lacker.
My name is Michael from Fort Worth, Texas. I am 47 and have been an avid Elvis Fan since I even knew what music was. There was no one then and certainly no one now that compares to him.
First and foremost I would like to let you know just how much I enjoy hearing your thoughts and reading discussions regarding your friend Elvis on EIN. I have always found you to be very candid and honest.
With the latest revival regarding the general public’s interest in Liberace it caused me to ponder Elvis’ relationship with Mr. Showmanship.
It is very common knowledge that Elvis met Liberace upon his first engagement in Las Vegas in 1957.
However they were both booked at the Hilton in Las Vegas in the 1970’s for many years. Did Elvis and Liberace cross paths during the 1970’s and if so what was Elvis’ feelings about him?
I watched a DVD Biography distributed by Passport a few years ago.
There were two Ladies they interviewed that were sisters and involved in Elvis Fan Clubs and went to some forty shows at the Hilton. They spoke about Liberace
and called him “Lee” and stated they sat by him as he attended Elvis’ performances at the Hilton and stated Liberace just commented over and over about how beautiful Elvis was.

Elvis was obviously strictly heterosexual but being the sex symbol that he was, did he ever appear “uncomfortable” around Liberace being it was common knowledge in the world of celebrity that Liberace was homosexual? (I do not want anyone that reads this to think that I am “bashing” Liberace. I think he was an extremely rare talent and from what I understand he was a very generous man.)
I just wondered if Elvis was around Liberace at all during the Vegas Years, what Elvis’ personal feelings were about Liberace and if he ever shared those feelings
with “ The Guys”.
Thank you again Mr. Lacker for all the time you give to Elvis’ Fans.
We are so grateful that you are still active in the Elvis World and willing to share your time with us.

Elvis admired the flashy clothes Liberace wore when he first saw him in Vegas in the 50’s and that is really the extent of any association they had.
They were not close friends and all the times I was in Vegas with Elvis I never saw Liberace at his shows or backstage in his dressing room.
Elvis would not have allowed Liberace to make any homosexual advances to him.
Elvis was strictly heterosexual but he had no prejudice against gays, he just did not want another man coming on to him.
I have no idea who those sisters were or if they are telling the truth.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.


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