ElvisWorld: Elvis Played Canada Three Times, eh

A fan shot this silent footage of the Toronto show. There is more out there, but it’s yet to surface the way that fan shot film of Elvis Presley in the USA deep south.

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Toronto is the last concert Elvis Presley wore his gold suit. The outfit weighed 25/30 pounds and it was a bit flashy, even for Elvis’ taste. He did a stage slide in those pants.

The liner notes of the Elvis a Canadian Tribute album mention the liner note writer’s own father feverishly filmed this concert from close to the stage.


Audio clips of the Vancouver Empire Stadium legendary concert have also surfaced, but not whole songs. Red Robinson has a full recording of the concert, EPE should call him. the fans got to see Elvis gold lame jacket before they rushed the stage.


Even CBC, our national broadcaster is hosting Elvis video from Ottawa:

Watch footage of Elvis Presley’s 1957 concert in Ottawa – CBC


Jan 8, 2015 – To mark what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, CBC … in Canada: new lessons from the Gouzenko defection read comments …

recently – this colour 1957 film of Elvis in Hawaii turned up

and this from a vacationer on the cruise he took to get there shared

clip collections….. Elvis fandemonium…. Elvis did play outside of America. three times. He played in Canada


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