The Last Temptation of Elvis

The Last Temptation of Elvis was a UK album of Elvis cover tunes

The Last Temptation of Elvis

the only actual Elvis track on it was King of the Whole Wide World

rare vinyl common Cd

Collecting is reduced to mere shopping

heavy sigh

there is the art

then the artifact

Before I went to university, I thought that there was Art and Intellectual Put On.

After, I realized there was a thin line that I call Concept Art.

Where it’s the concept that is the artful part and the item created, merely the artifact.

the best example I can think of is a Russian painting called Everything.

it’s a black square.

the concept is that if you paint every image possible, you will end up with that.

so… art hack. paint it black and call it done.


I recall one debate in class about music and where or when the art occurs.

Some argued only the first time they all play together.

something that has not and was not done at the time of the debate, thus, eliminating most music since the 1970s as being art.

I said that art was unique and mass production of it diminished the art label.

One man claimed that the line is that his numbered copy of The Beatles White Album was art.

I said, it’s the same content as the reissue. So what artistry does a number printed confer to the contents?


to me…. the digital reproductions lack the breath and life

reduces it all to elevator and background





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