ElvisWorld: Leather Jackets

Click here to Julien’s auctions for more info or to bid.

Ginger Alden had put up Elvis Presley’s 1974 silver leather jacket with rainbow fire pattern, worn on stage during a cameo at a Tom Jones concert, up for auction @ Julien’s.

e475a8d6500b9d4e688559a70d076efe Tom-Jones-and-Elvis-Presley-2Elvis and Ginger Hawaii

A slightly cooler leather jacket than that Elvis had in 1974 was this rainbow leather one – worn during his Aloha Hawaii concert backstage meeting with Jack Lord, then star of the original Hawaii 5-0 Police Procedural, Blue Sky Scenery show.

Also being sold is Elvis Presley 1953 Martin 00-21 acoustic guitar given to Jack Lord. Presley and the Hawaii 5 – 0 star met in 1973 while Lord was visiting Hawaii for Elvis’ Aloha from Hawaii concert special. Lord invited Presley to his home in Kahala after the special. The pair became fast friends and immediately started exchanging gifts. Presley invited the Lords to Las Vegas the following month.

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Elvis Artifacts, Elvis Owned, Elvis Authorized, EPE licensed… Relics….

elvis1977 Elvis-Glasses

Elvis Thrown, Elvis Known and manufactured – bring your own and rub the stage where he performed, sweat, snot and bits of Hair, head or pubic, Buy the Hotel Bedsheets the King Slept on – or the very autopsy tools used on his body.


Elvis is Everywhere, Elvis is Everything, Elvis is in Everybody


Elvis is still The King… Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper….

National Enquirer Last Picture Issue Cover456_1_1024

Re-Imaging Presley Pictures: From Camp to Creepy

Liberace and ElvisElvis-68-Special-Black-Leather-Suit-Front Frank Sinatra and Elvis

America’s son on SUN: Elvisworld



The Elvis Presley Fandom Explained

1973_muhammad_ali_elvis_408Elvis in the round elvis and bill

Dear Universe: introducing ElvisWorld!

Don Ho and ElvisElvis and Glen CampbellElvis and Cary Grant

ElvisWorld: Major Depression

SammyJrElvis3FatsDomino1Bilde Elvis 68 comeback Charlie yuks up Elvis big glasses

ElvisWorld: Inflation and Legacy

cf4868809365f5a200d64a3bbca339f9upside-down4233bf7b88fd329c9b8a38bd03ba1dc2 Elvis Ambition is a V8 Engine


white leather jumpsuits and heavy canvass, not spandex and polycotton nylon blends…white, tan and black, motorcycles and jackets. reel life and real life


leather and leather accessories, shoes, boots, trim and belts, etc, eh?

Nick had a small part in Rebel and this is Elvis impersonating Brando. Harum Scarum WhipElvis a lo ha

People were always more concerned about Elvis and his pants…

I don't know if it's the combination of the corporate suits and the half naked pretty boy that makes this homoerotic or just the juxtapostions of the energies


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