Elvis World: 2015

There are three things bothering me about ElvisWorld.

  1. Tom Jones
  2. Elvis Christmas Cheapie Releases
  3. The Forbes Dead Celebrity Earnings
  1. Tom Jones: needs to ride his own fame and stop with the Elvis stories.

Tom Jones and Elvis 6

How Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra almost opened a Las Vegas hotel

Toronto SunOct 20, 2015
Tom Jones almost opened a hotel with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. The Welshman has revealed Sinatra approached him about launching …
Tom Jones and Elvis 5

Watch Tom Jones’s video for Elvis Presley Blues

The Guardian (blog)Oct 27, 2015
The King and the Voice met on a film set in 1960s and became mutual admirers. Now the Welsh singer pays tribute to his friend with a song …
Tom Jones and Elvis 4

Why Tom Jones and Elvis Presley wanted to beat up John …


Girls, guns and why Tom Jones and Elvis BOTH wanted to beat up John Lennon. By Chris Hutchins Updated: 09:29 EST, 7 January 2011. 41. View comments.

Tom Jones and Elvis 7

Tom Jones: ‘Elvis Presley Serenaded Me In The Shower …


Feb 25, 2009 – Sir Tom Jones has revealed Elvis Presley once serenaded him while he was taking a shower. The Welsh singer was preparing for a gig in Las …

Tom Jones and Elvis3
2. Christmas Cheapie Compliations
Elvis is cheated out of gold and platinum when albums are re-issued under different names.

Billboard Screws with Elvis

Billboard has long been the go to for song and album charting since music was first manufactured as a physical product to be sold. Because the easiest way to sell something is to establish that everyone else is buying it … Continue reading


3. Forbes Dead Celeb earnings.

Elvis Presley’s earnings are from the last 4 years of his recording career – his divorce caused his to sell RCA the entire valuable back catalog.

the Primary income for the estate is Graceland ticket sales and Licensing Elvis’ name and image.

Other dead celebs have earning that are not based in their artistic works, but their investments.

So this assessment is misleading.

More than anything, the Dead really don’t need money and the living do and there is too much wealth concentrated into too few hands in excess.


An Elvis Theory

Elvis was the first and the last entertainer that all the people of the world could agree on. Elvis walked into Sun Records and said he didn’t sing like nobody. And he was right – he sang like everyone in … Continue reading

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