Happy Elvis Death Day – Jailhouse Rock

the first queer #1 rock n roll song

Number forty-seven said to number three:
You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see.
I sure would be delighted with your company,
Come on and do the jailhouse rock with me.

This was one of the first well crafted rock n roll fad movies and a star vehicle around the Elvis persona – embracing the parental fears of delinquency and the teen elation at rebellion.

Looking back at the movie now: Elvis goes to Jail for manslaughter – he killer punches a woman beater.

his character is a freaking hero

and gets less jail time than a guy who robs a bank before he turns Elvis into a singer and tries to rob him too… so some things never change…..

seriously, how did Elvis not noticed these Tom Parker characters in his movies? Elizabeth Scott played a girl version of Parker in Loving You. And the Shady Agent, sometimes as children such as in Fun In Acapulco, is a recurring theme in The Presely Picture.

But this movie was just a regular star vehicle. It wasn’t until Blue Hawaii that the Elvis Formula was perfected – although it took a little while to settle into the exotic location, exotic job, a fist fight, songs and girls girls girls.


Judy Tyler one of Elvis’ most amazing costars

she died in a car crash with her husband just after the film finished but before the release.

Elvis couldn’t bear to watch the movie


Calit T Rossen on Judy Tyler

"That ain't tactics honey, that's the beast in me"

“That ain’t tactics honey, that’s the beast in me”

and as much control as wardens have over prisoners. that the song becomes a foreshadow…

prisoner rights

prison is about rehabilitation or rather, it needs to be.

otherwise, it’s just Club Fed for repeat offenders.

and the state has a fiduciary duty to ensure the safety of those who are in their care and control.

to be honest, I stopped seeing a difference between a lifer in prison and being one in the federal public service.

What I am grateful for on Happy Elvis Death Day is that the average public service employee collects 18 pension cheques because, not to put too fine or blunt a point on that, but apparently people don’t get that that means the average life span after retirement of 35 years of public service is 18 months.

I have been out of the workplace since August 2011 and on disability leave since November 2011. So this means I have passed the average of retired public service employees.

anyway. here is take 2… take one was just the first verse and I drew a line blank.

so preview for tomorrow – an outing to mail the Audiopile T-shirts

Congrats to Kath Walker of Sacramento California, US of A.

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