Drugs: religion vs rocknroll

  •  Yep, thousands of years of societal evolution, furthering their technology and knowledge had nothing to do with it.. god ‘gave’ them their advantage
  •  he who has the gold, rules
  •  not really… africa has more gold and diamonds and other precious things than just about anywhere… he who TAKES the gold, rules
  • yes. that is an important nuance actually.
  • this is why we shouldn’t be telling space where we are. we are primative compared to anyone who can travel it.
  •  it’s like an invitation to take our resouces and women, eh?
    Whether or not you think the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a joke, the stakes are quite serious. Indeed, they go right to the heart of two essential…
    • So, what latitude must the US give those who claim animal sacrifice is an integral part of their religious beliefs?
    • child sacrifice by faith healters seems okay as does the closed zion communities in colorado and texas. so religion is the get above the law loophole in the USA
    •  I want them to recognize\ my freedom of religion as a Rastafarian so I can smoke weed.
    •  which is why shamanist relgions are catching on. sacred pants… peyote… mushroom… licking toads
    •  OK, i wanna straight up start a straight up psychonaut religion .. ALL PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES ARE OUR SACRIMENT
    •  pasta is simple carbs which breaks down into sugar and that is the gateway drug to all other. congrats! RAmen
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