ABBA vs Elvis


This was an interesting documentary to look at music mathematically.


The challenge of the doc was to see how ABBA stacked up against current artist charting in the UK.

The problem for the doc was this was the last year the Elvis early recordings were not public domain and Elvis charted all through the year and he makes the top 10


this means, ABBA was skewed against Elvis and the music that follow him. A sort of force feedback loop.



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7 Responses to ABBA vs Elvis

  1. dykewriter says:

    This is something for the math AND music geeks in the room.

    Tom Lehrer had the correct formula – bleak lyrics and chirpy music.

    American Style – brash with a smirk.

    ABBA – now there was a group who put existentialism to a disco beat
    is there anything as sad as a depressed blonde?


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