ElvisWorld: Smoking, Booze and Song

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Elvis smoked cigars and drank Gatorade.

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Tea and Coffee, Tobacco regular and whacky.

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Milkshakes and Sodas, but mostly, Mostly Elvis drank water.

He’d come from two families with alcoholics – moonshine drinkers, makers and runners.

The Smith side was particularly impacted and when Elvis Presley bought Graceland in 1957, that Sexual Pervert Deviant out to destroy America put in a Soda Fountain Counter, which was retained and remained part of the infamous TCB three television lounge.


Yes, there was alcohol at Elvis parties and in his house. Sidekick Charlie Hodge was the Boozey Court Jester.

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Anyway, most importantly, we do know and all that really matters is that

Elvis danced the Hootchie-coo, on stage, on tv and in the movies. Surrounded by scenery, pretty girls, guys he play fights with and then.. sometimes… Elvis Sings.

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I played the Complete Elvis Masters… all 35 cds… I went through it 5 or 6 times and every time






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