Why Elvis is better than religion

Schmelvis the documentary


the most interesting thing about this documentary – Schmelvis – to me was that when they arrived in Memphis

all of the negative response and discrimination they were expecting

never happened. at all. not even once.

the second thing was how cool the Israel people were with the idea that Elvis was a descendant.



Elvis’ lifetime relationship with Judaism started in Memphis – working the sabbath for a jewish family in the boarding house – many of his friends – George Klien – and he wore a star of david – and that symbol is on his grave



but this…


I cannot help but recall the quote by the Canadian immigration minister at the end of world war 2 – in reference to Jewish refugees coming to canada “None are too many”



so this morning. I see this in my facebook news feed




Jews for Genocide.. indeed



if this is not proof that humans suck

and cannot learn

this is why history keeps repeating

humans are godbot fucktards





people wonder why I am agoraphobic……

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