Musicland: Elvis Presley vs Johnny Cash

Cash and Presley Opry Cash and Presley Million Dollar Quartet


Elvis and Johnny.

The toured together, certainly did pills together and they both loved the same girl.

Elvis toured the country circuit on the bill with the Carter family and he was pretty sweet on June.


To me, the interesting thing is that Johnny Cash gets hero kudos for his lifelong battle with drugs.


But Elvis doesn’t. People continue to deny he was abusing drugs to this day.


How do they not notice the pills he took where not the medicine drugs that treat illness.


But rather the secondary drugs that deal with symptoms – pain, energy, tranquillizers and sleep. These where the pills Elvis was taking and abusing.



These were also the pills that I was abusing and how I found myself at 44 years, 360 pounds and weeks away from my own heart attack and probable death on my bathroom floor.



it wasn’t Elvis’ fault that he became that Vegas Jumpsuit guy


it was the fans fault; because they/we accepted whatever the studio factory churned out of the performing workhouse that they burned out


with repetition and stagnation instead of growth


Perhaps it’s more correct to measure Elvis’ impact not only by the works he left us


but by all those who became artists because they were inspired by him


and the ones who were inspired by them and so on



with apologizes to John Lennon


before Elvis there were whole separate worlds of music

but after Elvis, not so much, everyone copied him


before him, no one had heard of being a rock star

now everyone wants to be one, whatever their job



which is why


there really can never be another Elvis.




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3 Responses to Musicland: Elvis Presley vs Johnny Cash

  1. dykewriter says:

    Leon Smith

    This is from 14 August 1970 MS in Vegas, just over 24 hours after principal filming for TTWII had finished and with the pressure of filming now gone Elvis could now relax and be more himself and Elvis treats us to an absolute gem!
    If you haven’t heard this before then you are in for a treat. After opening with ‘That’s All Right’, Elvis would often introduce himself as “Hi. I’m Johnny Cash!” or something similar before doing a one-liner of usually Walk The Line, a practice which would continue throughout 1970 and some of 71. However, this is the only known version where he sings quite a bit of both these songs.
    It is a pity that a soundboard recording is highly unlikely to exist but as audience recordings go this is of a very high quality (especially for 1970!!).
    Rumours persist that some footage of this show was filmed by the MGM crews and while there is some truth in that, the reality is that what filming took place most likely to be audience reaction shots and some filming done on cameras positioned behind Elvis and the band for post production purposes.

    Elvis Presley – Folsom Prison Blues/I Walk The Line (14/08/70 MS) – audience recording (no video)

    About 30 hours after the main MGM cameras had stopped rolling for TTWII and with the filming…


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