Elvis World: Rare Photo

Elvis and accordian in the Army

The story behind this photo was that the guy was taking shots around the ship and took this one and only one of Elvis with an accordion.

He never did anything with it and it was only in the last decade that his family went through his mass of photos – and they almost didn’t go through the set of negatives with this shot.

It was found and a copy sent to Charlie Hodge, one of Elvis’ most sycophantic sidekicks.

Charlie was the only one who had a career prior to Elvis and he gave up his own fame in the gospel quartet circuit to be The Guy Who Handed Elvis his water and scarves.


But I guess, sometimes, it’s better to serve in heaven than rule in your own hell world.


Nina with Me n Elvis by Charlie Hodge


Anyway, I wanted to share that image, because it’s the only part of the book worth any effort.


But it did kinda confirm a few suspicions for me



The most annoying part of the Elvis comeback special is Charlie’s hyena laughing at Elvis’ words which are mostly not funny and not as funny as Charlie’s donkey bleating indicated.

There is a documentary version where Charlie basically reads the book or the book is a transcription of the interview done with him.


There’s less than 3 mins of Elvis on stage – fan shot – and while it was pretty cool to see Elvis throwing the guitar over his shoulder and Charlie catching it – it was tedious to wade through Charlie himself to see those few clips.


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