LavenderLicks: Melissa Etheridge vs kd lang

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Appearing on tv wearing a discarded Hank Snow green cowboy suit, another time with cowboy boots that she’d castrated at the ankle, kd lang, turned The Post Nashville Country-Pop scene back to it’s corn porn performance artist best and with rockabilly intensity. kd lang lead the New Country Traditionals Lyle Lovett and Dwight Yokum up the country charts – peaking with the last Owen Bradley Session and almost making us think that Patsy Cline had been indeed reborn.

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The ever controversial and fabulous kd debuted on the Canadian women’s magazine with make up added to feminized this butch gal, and it became interesting to see which was more the issue that she was a lesbian or that she was also a vegetarian.

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In any event, it was too much for country, so the Angel with a Lariat debuted Ingenue and released her inner torch singer and rocked it. And croonered, giving rat pack era Tony Bennett a resurgence.

if only Freddie Mercury had known where his opera fannishness would lead. maybe he did.

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K.d._lang_-_Angel_With_a_Lariat K.d._lang_-_Drag K.d._lang_-_Ingenue kd_lang_siss_boom_bang_album_cover_2011 Watershed_deluxe

kd’s career of hit records, she did a few arthouse movies and was a headliner at two Canadian Olympics.

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kd lang was the first out and Melissa Etheridge and Ellen DeGeneres would soon follow.

I find that I am more amazed by kd’s range than Melissa’s continuing angst and drama queendom and I am a bit surprised to see she’s married a third time.

I’ve seen Melissa twice in concert, but not kd. weird. it’s that canadian thing. inferiority complex.

51LmE3ZEBhL 2000_melissassecret 00011462 cover0660 cover0698 d7c873e00424b497dc57cea9c9a226b8 index Melissa_Etheridge_-_Skin Melissa_Etheridge_Breakdown_cover Melissa+Etheridge+-+Melissa+Etheridge+-+LP+RECORD-423084 melissaeth MelissaEtheridge_4thNumberB0882B melissa-etheridge-1360957731 Melissa-Etheridge-Breakdown-145139 Melissa-Etheridge-Your-Little-Secre-486116 MI0000006147 tumblr_lxv6wxwnXv1r5xsw9o1_500

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I’ve kept up buying kd releases….I don’t think I even opened the last melissa ones…

kd lang is the lesbian Elvis

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