Beatle Beats: Yoko Ono Hospitalized

Denying rumours of a stroke, Yoko Ono has been hospitalized for flu symptoms; which at 83 is frankly serious.

Lennon Ono and TrudeauYoko in Canada 1

The Elderly and The Very Young are most susceptible to death by contagious illness – seasonal flus, but also periodic epidemic which in the modern era has morphed into pandemics.

Yoko Ono has been/was a Japanese artist, and she has forever been The Women Who Broke Up The Beatles.

She is possibility only reviled slightly more than Priscilla Presley who first married, then divorced Elvis which fans have long connected to his ego wounded depression  unto his death.

While the viewing of Priscilla is largely generational, frankly I don’t blame her at all for divorcing him, Elvis came from a long line of womanizers: The hatred/dislike of Yoko Ono appears to be passed down into successive Beatles fan Generations.


So, at this juncture, I would like to clarify what I mean by fan, and how it has unfolded over the fame decades.

The phrase “fan” was shortened from fanatics and used by the mass media in the 1950s in reference to Elvis Presley’s record buying and concert attending audiences.


People did not used to act up in public and displays of extreme emotions were unheard of.

unseenelvis4 elvis-presley-dancer

There have always been those who hung around after hours, the groupies, which achived their professional beak in the 1970s with the Plaster Casters, who made plaster molds of their rock stars erection to make dildos. the idea being that yours is so perfect you have to machine duplicate it in order to fuck all the people who want to fuck you.

Elvis_Presley_sign,_Prestwick_Airport,_Scotland 1960_march_3_elvis_presley_prestwick_airport_scotland_7_640







The Presley / The Beatles Summit

presely beatles summitelvis-beatles-1965




Elvis Presley in public, embraced his heritiage – he is the great-great-grandson of the Cheroke Morning Dove’s – on his mother’s side, which gave him those high cheekbones and his mDNA. In private, he explored the spiritual world, which The Beatles did in public, leaving India disappointed that the Gurus were very interested in the Groupies.



The Beatles broke up because they were not a group, The Fab Four, they were 4 Elvis Presley wannabes, who worked for a time as the iconic Boy Band for girls and Beatlemania swept the world, the only beat wave comparable to Elvis caturwall, with the Rockbilly Hillbilly beat, over the pond and back again, Tsnumai waves.

Elvis Presley, with his Memphis Mafia,  remained primarily marketed to women, while The Beatles, with their Apple Corporation morphed into Musicians for Men.


1956 Elvis Presley was the unstoppable despite the mass copying, and he left the band he fronted behind for session musicians and a succession of musicians.

1964 The Beatles perfected the boy band formula, same age, apparently single and a guy for every girl – Paul the cute one, George the Quiet one Ringo the funny one and John, the one who would fuck you.

Brian Epstein was desperately in love with John, while Elvis and Parker had a more son/father relationship.


Frankly, I am glad to have grown up in an age where it was okay to like both Elvis and The Beatles. My Mom and aunt saw The Beatles in concert in 1964, and Ringo is my fave of The Beatles, that underdog appeal.

I am an Elvis fan – I have everything he recorded and most everything that was recorded of him. I specifically collect Elvis.

I have a few Beatles, not a complete collection, which is gonna be hellaeasy to do in the box set area, because if it’s worthing having and listening to, it’s better on a physical format – but that assumes a person has space to store/access or display and access space.

A star used to be someone famous for a while and a super star was someone who manged it over their lifetime and into following generations.


The idea of the teenager, who becomes famous and earns older than fans is a hallmark of someone who is likely to accomplish that, and a lot of that is peers, not the public

Artists, tend to work in obscurity and become famous after their deaths, because so few people of the public saw their works and it is market and long tail at that.


Yoko Ono is a disciplined artist, which is something that John Lennon lacked, success leads to lazy and phoning it in.

John Lennon explored the boundaries of fame and artistry itself, the famous bed in performance art of the wealthy in luxury raising awareness of war and poverty

as if awareness is anything but a momentary moment of enlightenment of superiority, rather than doing something to actually solve a problem or suggest a direction in which to go, to harness the momentum of the moment, into actionable meaning. ….



Yoko Ono remained in the home that she and John made, and now she’s in a bed in the same hospital that he died in. She’s 83 and people need to stop blaming her for the 4 way testosterone that was bound to happen.

George Harrison lamented to Art Garfunkel about The Pauls…..

Yoko Ono smacking Canada’s PM Stephen Harper with a copyright infringement in performing Beatles songs vindicates her as far as I am concerned, Yoko, John’s Widow, has always looked out for Lennon’s better interests and artistic legacy.

Something that cannot be said of Elvis’ ex wife.

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