The Elvis Vibe: Full Moon

Christmas full moon to arrive for 1st time since 1977


Elvis died at 42 in 1977, the day after the WOW signal….



Elvis World: Desert Storm & The Priscilla Monolog

Give us this day September 2 Our Daily Elvis 1974, Elvis closed his tour. His new girlfriend Sheila Ryan in attendance – and Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Elvis Presley peaked with the Aloha show in 1973. 1974 His Gladiator Film … Continue reading

and on the SUN label, recorded Blue Moon and Blue Moon of Kentucky,


Before Elvis Presley, no one had heard of being a rock star

Following on the heels of Canada’s Astronaut Chris Hadfield! and um. Prime Minister Stephen Harper sings and plays with a band called Herringbone. The Pope, yes Pope Francis has released aka dropped a single from his upcoming rocking hymns and … Continue reading


Who changed it more: Elvis or Captain Kirk?

In the middle of last century – everything changed again. In America, Elvis Presley was denounced as a Commie Plot to make youth decadent, while in the USSR, he was denounced as a Capitalist Plot to make youth decadent. The … Continue reading


Elvis constelation

ReligionWatch: The Elvis Cult or Presleytarians

Elvis for Everyone Indeed. At one end, the claim that Elvis is the actual offspring representative of a deity (not the Abrahamic one) and Elvis as proof of no supernatural deities at the other. Elvis’ religion to Elvis as religion … Continue reading


science v religion women divide ed7db5abf9d546b0024245f12c6f1623

Pirate Corner: Elvis’ Greatest Shit! ~ featurette: The Beach Movies


front booklet


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