Dear Canada Post: Elvis Stamp

Elvis Presley played concerts in three Canada Cities across three provinces.

People will buy that stampertunity bonanza.

It’s the kind of cash grab that is more palatable than lotteries.

Elvisworld: Red Robinson

Stamps for each concert, with Provincial themes, booklet

and whatever snips of video and audio especially the Red Robinson Vancouver show in total…


ElvisWorld: Canada Fever


The only song Elvis had banned from Canada radio



In 1987, the USA Federal Governent did some odd things.

The American Parks and Recreation Department REMOVED the Elvis Presley Plaque at the USS Arizona Memorial because at the end of the 1980s, most of the public thought of Elvis as a fat vegas lounge lizard with a spate of love child claimants, several of whom published books, and exploited gullible Elvis fans for their 15 minutes of fame.


But the Post Office, after actually debating whether Elvis Presley had faked his death and was therefore not eligible – the Republicans not getting the message of Nixon.

Standing by Elvis makes you cooler.

Anyway, 1950s Elvis won and the stamp sold so much that it resulted in spin off series of stamps across the music spectrum.

Col Parker lived long enough to get the first sheet, even as he was being sued by the Estate. His born in Holland status came out after Elvis died.


2015 The US Post Office issued a new Elvis stamp – rather than a contest for images, this time, they dug deep into Elvis and used a very early publicity shot by a Memphis Photographer



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