ElvisWorld: Kathy Westmoreland

“the little girl who does our high voice singing, Kathy Westmoreland”

Elvis and Kathy 1 Elvis and Kathy 2 Elvis and Kathy 3



New book by Kathy Westmoreland?: Elvis Matters have reported that Kathy Westmoreland may be working on a new book. After Ginger Alden and Shirley Dieu published successful Elvis based autobiographies in 2014, it seems that Kathy Westmoreland has decided to publish a new expanded telling of her story with Elvis.

Elvis Matters reports that “although Kathy Westmoreland has published her memories of her years with Elvis before, she has just announced that she began working on a new book about Elvis. No release date yet, except that we wouldn’t be surprised if the book would be published in 2017, “40 years after”. It will be interesting to see how she will approach the ‘cancer story’ this time.”

(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

This is an example product description.
Kathy Westmoreland: Elvis’ Voice of an Angel contains 43 photos including numerous pictures of Elvis and Kathy by famed Elvis photographers Bob Heis and Keith Alverson This book spans Kathy’s life before, during and after her years with Elvis Presley and includes interviews with friends from…
She already wrote everything that was important in the “Elvis and Kathy” book, which I found rather underwhelming.
She was classically trained and a snob about pop culture, but eventually, she was won over by Elvis enough to lose her virginity and after his death, she one of the “bone cancer” conspiracy sources.
Elvis apparently used to test those around him with “confessions” and then see how long they would take to get around his group.
Dr Nick tried to convince Vernon of the bone cancer, but there is zero support for that claim.
As for Kathy writing what would be a third book – one about Elvis and then one about her including Elvis.


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