Who changed it more: Elvis or Captain Kirk?

In the middle of last century – everything changed again.

In America, Elvis Presley was denounced as a Commie Plot to make youth decadent, while in the USSR, he was denounced as a Capitalist Plot to make youth decadent.

The 1950s, the post war that ended with two hot fusion Atomic Bombs created a chilled geopoltical climate and the new cold war was on.

Elvis Presley Love Me Tender blog_3ElvisAtomicPowered

Elvis Presley showed up in time for Hollywood to turn the burdgeoning teenager movie genre from the B list and drive ins into actual at theatrical runs.

The Reno Brothers Production cast Elvis Presley as the youngest brother left behind and they put him 60 years backwards in time to contain him – with 3 light weight bouncy tunes and a ballad that quickly became the movie’s titled: Love Me Tender.

That movie release was probably the first/last time the “and introducing credit” was done with a 25 foot tall image of said intro’d actor over the title and other above the line credits.

After that first movie, there was no more pretending why anyone was putting their bum in the seats.

Elvis next 2 movies were proper rock n roll exploitation flicks, of which Jailhouse Rock was the pinnacle.

9eb02fbf4bfa58c340f2d7e2f4f273d1 blackboardjungle blonde-bait-1950s-movie-poster go-johnny-go-movie-poster-1959-1010683034 high_school_confidential_poster_01

So the teenagers in the 1950s who were so scary are in their 80s and 70s now.

Poster - Rebel Without a Cause_03 ReeferMadnessPoster

Now – between the 2 Eurosquabbles of the so called “royal families” – poetry lost it’s rhyme and metre thus, it’s reason.

With all due respect to John Lennon, before Elvis Presley, there was a lot of music and afterwards, not so much – because people all over the world copied him.

so if Elvis Presley was a capitalist plot – they won because now, everyone counts and records their sales and uses that as marketing – before Elvis Presley very few countries were doing music charts to track public access to recorded performances or live theatre or television performances

not every nation had a tradition of even bringing mechanical recording of performances so now – there is actually even – one world new music day – because the studios can no longer release in time zones which mean nothing on the internet.

and, if Elvis Presley was a commie plot – well – people are decadent and every generation now thinks they discovered sex drugs and rock n roll, but that generation is dying off now.

and seriously, there has never been a period in time where as many people live into their 80s that even being 100 is not really all that much more than a happy birthday on the puff part of the early evening news. bedtimes ya know.

atomic bombs and singer

9/11 – the start of Crusades 2.0 The Global Edition

December 26, 2004: The day the earth wobbled.

if that didn’t make humanity put aside it’s petty nonesense and shift the focus from what we could do to the earth and think about what the earth could do to us

and how our industrial out-sized scale and impact – seriously – Florida used to be all everglades, now it’s barely parks

the Nile river no longer floods – its Dammed

we cut channels across continents and create passages where geology has not offered a navigable one

we invent invisible lines and say these and those but them them there that’s over theres….

are we really saying is that all we can do is create problems and then repeat the problems as if they are solutions?

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