Nixon vs Presley

Dear Hollywood – you killed Elvis as much as Vegas did.

Presley Pictures: Hick Elvis and other stereotypes

Elvis Presley is the easiest person to make fun of and that’s partly, a big part of what drove him down, not into the sell-out ATM machine he was treated as, Elvis Presley was his own economy, responsibilities of hiring his extended family and his friends…

The Elvis Archetype

Fans of Elvis were teased for months during the filming of the new Kevin Spacey chewing the Oval Office Scenery, giving Nixon a better spin than Elvis is getting, because he is the butt of this joke and lacking in why he was there in the first place. Elvis as Cartoon, not character, and for the first time, being played by an unattractive performer…

Elvis and Nixon – The A Lister Biopic

Elvis Mingling on Plane -- Nixon Visit

So why Nixon was so keen to meet with Elvis Presley – he was 1950s squarest man meeting the coolest man of that decade.

ElvisWorld: BioPic 80s vs BioPic 2000s

Presley, born in a 2 room shack, drove up to the gates of the White House and had an appointment with the President that same afternoon.

Presley – Nixon Summit 45th Anniversary

The only song Elvis had banned from Canada radio


Best Elvis BioPic: Elvis Meets Nixon

1969: Moon Landing, Woodstock and Elvis Live


Elvis Presley’s Self Image

Sun Records – Hail to the King

Elvis Presley: a life in photos

Concerts: Bra Toss is Tradition


Presley Pictures: Star and then Starring Vehicles: Film to Flicks 101

Elvis Presley: The Musician


Presley Pictures: The Anti-Establishment and Gubbermint Movies

Produced by Elvis Presley: The Lesser Known Side of Elvis


Re-Imaging Presley Pictures: From Camp to Creepy

Elvis: Complete Masters v Album Collection

456_1_1024 elvisbadge

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