Elvis Books – Medical Perspectives

There have been books analyzing and ancedoting Elvis Presley from very perspective (except a drilled down focus on his publicity photo sessions) – and a new book adds to the list of the Medical Subgenre Books.


This new book is by Letetia Henley Kirk who lived on the grounds at Graceland, Elvis’ home, with her husband and two young daughters from 1972 until 1983 and often traveled with Elvis on tour. The book is a collection of short stories about her life around Elvis and his family and includes dozens of previously unpublished photos.

Elvis hired her out of Dr Nick’s office, so I would expect her book to be a companion to his.

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Dr Nick was Elvis’ primary doctor, but he was one of many that Elvis ordered drugs from.

Dr Nick tried to convince Vernon that Elvis had cancer and would have died soon and he is now pushing the idea that the straining to crap caused the internal pressure imbalance.

What I find weird is that although this is a real condition and people can die, why do Elvis fans prefer Elvis died trying to defecate rather than the more obvious PolyPharmacology that caused the organ failure and improper action to start with.

Elvis took a lot of pills without having any actual medical need for them – that will have an impact on your body functioning.

Dr Nick has over the years tried to blame anything other than his own over prescribing even for a short while – he gave his name to the Elvis Murdered idea floated by Albert Goldman, who only wrote books about people he hated.


Marion J Cooke was a hospital nurse who was in the emergency room when Elvis died.

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