ElvisWorld: Superfans

Before Elvis, performers had fans. Elvis had fanatics, and they were called teenagers.

Then, there was Beatlemania and a new kind of fandom had dawned.

The Greatful Dead had their Deadheads, Queen had their Royal Family.

The Fanworld of Elvis had superfans, most of whom became fan club presidents and who didn’t just go to a lot of Elvis concerts, they produced newsletters and magazines (fan-zines). Fan Clubs were often the source of pre-order sales, and fan club presidents got special discs and sometimes, they hung out with Elvis.

Kay Wheeler was one of the first fan club presidents, Sandy Pinchon took amazing 70s photos and Gary Pepper ran The Tankers club and got to Welcome Elvis home to memphis and attend his wedding.

The super-fans during Elvis’ life were Jimmy Velvet the Elvis Museum,

Paul Litchner – author and bootlegger, The Boy Who Dared to Rock was the first Elvis book I owned that wasn’t a paperback. It was the first Elvis catalog of music and movies with a journalistic biography rather than a mawkish fawning like the May Mann Gossip Columnist, Becky Yancy, Graceland Secretary, Tabloid hatchet jobs, but was not quite the critically balanced Jerry Hopkins biographies.

The boy who dared to rock

Lichter also released LPs of Eddie Fadal’s home recordings of Elvis and Anita Wood and was the first to release the 1976 Ultimate Elvis concert. He operated one of the first major Elvis websites and shops for rare Elvis.

Albert Hand, the Fan Club of Great Britain, Elvisly  Yours Store – the Elvis Monthy fanzine and the annual hardcover specials!


Rex Martin, Elvis Weekly Newsletter and his films of Elvis in 70s concerts…..


ElvisWorld: Superfan Gary Pepper’s Collection

Judges: Elvis fan’s heirs have no claim to collection Friend of Elvis superfan can keep $250K in proceeds from collection. usatoday.com ~ Gary Pepper was a superfan who was actually pals with Elvis. Pepper ran The Elvis Tankers Fanclub, wrote … Continue reading

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