Media: Gametainment


Video games: from the ashes of Dungeons and Dragons and comic books – the new scource of society.


From the first home game of pong to the Atari, Intellivision and Colicovision. To Nintento, Sega, Playstation and Xboxes the world of console gaming


for a while, part of the computer desktop experience

actually I prefer computer to console games, the game play is more immersive and games more complex than the monty haul consoles. arcade style more than old school dice and paper.


From *TEXT GAMES* and their 2 word noun verb limits

play my fave one here!

to blocky one, two, four, 8 then 16 colours..




I think this is where it started, the love affair with machines

predictable patterns and rewards for solving

repletion… scaleable game concepts



and yeah

I can work Elvis into video games

fallout elvis

he’s been a part of the Fallout world since the first game


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