ElvisWorld: Dean Martin


Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr on the set of King Creole.

Then Elvis returned from the Army Abroad and was met with both a snow storm and Nancy Sinatra as a publicity stunt for the Elvis Special on Frank’s weekly variety show… Frank had said not nice things about Elvis and Rock n Roll, eh, in the 1950s, Frank’s career dive era. When Elvis was so popular they had to create a whole new way to chart sales, people were buying discs and not just spinning them.

Elvis wanted to be a ballad crooner. James Dean was his movie hero, but one of his singing heros was Dean Martin.
Elvis outsang Sinatra and only Sammy Davis compared to Elvis on the show. Watch the clips, the entire show is painful and dated in staged songs the pre-MTV era music videos. Act-Singing instead of singing.
But he was a lot more than just that, eh?
Elvis and Dean Martin – on the set of GI Blues. soundstages….
 Elvis made a movie with Nancy Sinatra, Nancy threw Priscilla her baby shower, but still had an affair with Elvis.
Elvis got to perform with a significant portion of the Rat Pack.
Elvis meets Fred Astaire.
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