Buddy Holly opened for Elvis

1955: Lubbock Texas – Buddy and Bob a country duo are on the opening bill of a show that Elvis Presley was the headliner of.

1955-13-feb-buddy-holly-elvis-presley winter-dance-party

Most amazing of all was that someone brought a film camera and it was in colour, capturing bits of the evening show and backstage — oh, if only someone had had a sound recording! but who would buy a record with people screaming and clapping over top, you’d barely hear anything, eh!

Seeing Elvis: Buddy Holly broke with country and reformed as Buddy Holly and the Crickets, he was a singer-songwriter who wore glasses and he was geeky where Elvis was slinky.






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11 Responses to Buddy Holly opened for Elvis

  1. Meritings says:

    Think I prefer Buddy Hollie’s version!
    I wonder what may have happened to music had they not died so young? We’ll never know!


    • dykewriter says:

      I would like to think it would have been more authentic music rather than the churned out teen idols mostly from philedelphia that followed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • dykewriter says:

      I heard Buddy’s first and I know he wrote it – but Elvis recorded it first -for the movie – and Holly released it knowing Elvis had already recorded it.

      Buddy’s version is geeky guy to geeky girl, so it’s more cuddle – while Elvis’ is a hep cat including a girl from outside his social set, so the song has bigger stakes and more danger.

      sort of like Perkins please don’t step on my shoes vs Elvis Don’t double dog dare you delivery.

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. dykewriter says:

    Reblogged this on Our Daily Elvis and commented:

    Our daily Elvis for February 13, updated for 2018



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