King Arthur of Scotland?


Mar 3, 2015 – In a paper to be read to a congress at Glasgow University next July, Dr Andrew Breeze, a professional philologist and Celticist, argues not only …

Nina with Lords of the RealmNina with Lords of the Realm 2

Mar 6, 2015 – Dr Andrew Breeze of the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain, is to present a paper in Glasgow in July in which he claims he will show his …
Folklore Standard DictionaryThe dictionary of mythology
Mar 8, 2015 – A new paper by Dr Andrew Breeze of the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain claims that King Arthur was Scotish. His claim is based on …
Nina and Mega Mythology 2Royal Families of Europe I hear Banjos
Jun 6, 2014 – But Dr Andrew Breeze, a Celtic philologist, declares: “There is not a single historical or philological reason for belief in St Ninian’s existence.”.
Nina and King ElvisNina with England Under Edward 2

King Arthur was just a Scottish general who lived most of his …

Sep 3, 2015 – Legend states that he fought his major battles across Britain, sat at the Round Table and handled the sword Excalibur. But a British academic claims King Arthur was a general rather than a monarch in the fifth or sixth century, who fought his battles in southern Scotland and …

Power of Myth

Stonehenge just got a lot bigger

Researchers reveal that the stonehenge is more than a site, more than stone and wood henge and the silver hill more than the underground complex discovered last year there is a larger henge enclosing even more Huge ritual monument found … Continue reading



Holy Hills and Evil Empires

In England at Stonehenge neo-pagans are getting ready to party on the solstice and leave a debris field around the stone circles, which is basically why they were built – revelry   then, at the holiest of hills, the Temple … Continue reading

Megaliths to Monuments

Megaliths build with stone, bone and muscle organized by leaders with influence and inspiration for people to come together in common cause at equinoxes and soltices, the human year shifting from animal migration to harvesting crop rotations and cultivation of … Continue reading

Nina and King Arthur

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