Dubai fire and fireworks


Dubai one of the fasted constructed and created urban centres in the history of humanity. Creating Custom shaped Islands of Pleasure Mansions, and at the fringest, the foreign workers upon who’s efforts all of these modern wonders of massive public works and city design is done.

You’d think, with all the money and planning for long term – behold we flaunt our civilization over the wilderness; that they would also ensure the best of all possible building codes, security and safety. but this is the second tower fire and these huge towers need better evacuation plans.

The Ibn Battatuh Mall puts other Family Vacation Destination Shopping Amusements parks The place where the Mega Rich put the merely rich to middle classery.

Mind you, there’s a very strict social code of conduct, so be sure to check your privileges and rights at the border.

I wonder how Dubai Airlines got on with the American airport at San Fran when they wanted to ensure that no queer people had any part of the service chain to their airline.

The Glass Ceiling in the Western Nations is often because the backwards nations do not deal well with other than heterosexual males.

So there is technology progress and and then there is actual progress in terms of social customs and civilization.

because same old with modern designs… Ancient Builders were smart enough to build bigger on the bottom and smaller on top doesn’t fall down.

we seem to enjoy history so much that we just keeeeep repeating it.



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