Population shifts to Atheist

as religious terrorism shuts down new years celebrations around the world

there is one very good thing – people are getting fed up with religion and seeing it for the divisive and needless thing that it is

Atheists of Mayanmar on Social Media – Al Jeezera

Science 2.0 – An overview of Government Census Data around the world


Religion Panics as it looses Western Control

Ted Cruz: Same-sex marriage is the greatest threat to religious freedom in American history Cruz, who believes the gay “jihad” may soon lead to the imprisonment of pastors and the end of free speech, says the legalization of same-sex…  lgbtqnation.com … Continue reading



Canada pulls centre while the world spins

The shift to the right that had happened in Western nations has had an abrupt backspin. Or pause – counter-pull exit stage left. the world is a big place and most of it’s water so we focus on land and … Continue reading


by land, by sea and by air, around the middle or up and over/under around the poles, it all circulates what we’ve breathed and excreted in and out.

Canada’s Charter of Rights is better than the American Bill of Rights, the UN doesn’t have the best model, but, we could re-write a new version and a new citizenship agreement easier with a change of national identity than trying to change the nation of citizens who’s private morals need to catch up to how far ahead law has always been of society ,lagging behind in application.

I almost envy smaller nations having fewer levels of sub government nested to make regions manageable while maintaining a national cultural identity. how much longer can we hold off the monoculture? and really we need to given what people deem culture to be – oppression of others because accident of birth.


Canada to annex America?

I know that by population Canada is a smaller nation than the US of A. But it makes more sense for Canada to annex America than the other way around.   America was the nation that the idea of the … Continue reading

Fascism Signs

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