It gets better is not just a project. It’s a promise



the suicide rate of indigenous north american people is also higher than national averages

the reservations add an additional risk factor called suicide contagion

one does it, then others either give up hope or want to go out knowing that others will be upset

suicide is connected to past and current trauma

but mostly

not seeing any future for yourself

this is the human cost of religion’s poison in society


Agoraphobic Philosopher

I get really emotional about suicide for a lot of obvious and personal reasons.

So I had to go offline after posting about the suicide rates of queer youth and the additional comments that I made about indigenous peoples of North America

Now, being agoraphobic in the internet age is a lot better than the days of people being found days, weeks, months and bizarrely years to even decades after being crushed under their heaps of hoarded newspapers and what ever

But I am computer geek from the DOS days so I have logged a lot of my life online, not as a consumer of the net offerings, but as a content provider.

Part of the reason why I am struggling on a daily basis is that I am looking for new conversations, because there are certain conversations that I have done beyond death.

But there is one conversation that I have had a few times over the years and I have a new answer for it.

The issue is why Property Ownership is not a guaranteed right.

I normally have this conversation with Americans.

So here is why:

Because Canada and America were founded on the basis of occupation and land theft.

So if land property ownership rights are granted now to people, then Aboriginal Title kicks in and that right is granted to everyone.

When a government is founded on that basis, rather than developing over time as in EurAsia
with a stable or along trade and some conquest movement of peoples

then taking what it wants – be it land or people to draft into a militia to maintain said land ownership – is how that government is going to operate


you have to wonder how much by and for the people said government is
but that also requires said people to vote responsibility and not in their own narrow personal, business or demographic interest


there has to be checks and balances in the system to avoid abuses

and it’s not like we don’t what is optimal and best practices

I think that the idea of tolerance has gone too far

when it includes bigots and people who call for genocide

because it comes at the cost and expense of others

(which is how you can determine wrong from right, by the way, no apples needed for what should be self evident things)

and social systemic discrimination is the most insidious genocide there is

because the scapegoat marginalized target groups do it themselves

it’s gross, but Stalin was right.

one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic

our brains are pattern seekers

we can abstract

but at some point, the sheer scope and magnitude is just beyond our comprehension

and until you actually meet a person who lived through it

you are really not capable of understanding

when I was 17, I met a man and woman who survived the camps and I saw the tattoos on their arms

I talked individually to each of them because they had been so impressed with my taking the Catholic Priest and the History Professor of the University of British Columbia to task

and had gotten a confession from the priest in front of 800 high school kids and all the adults

that the Catholic Church played a huge direct and historic role in the Holocaust

I was able to do it because I had read the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail book that the ridiculous Dan Brown book ripped off – not as a “here’s what happened” – but as a “here’s what people do in support of a belief”

and the Catholic Church is basically a cabal of groups within groups. Religion is the original pyramid scheme on many levels of meaning.


I met David Milgaard. Canada’s most famous wrongfully convicted and finally released prisoner for a murder that was finally resolved by DNA and the actual criminal was already in jail on another murder so he finally was willing to confess.

Okay. well I put too many things and had too many emotional spikes

so I am not really sure about what kind of thing I can put to top and finish that.

other than to say


Atheists will be kinder to Religious People than you’ve been to us.

because we are good people.

but you are gonna have to stop this hate shit and fucking earn respect

not demand reverence.

they are not interchangeable.

learn what words mean

so maybe then, you can hear how empty and foolish yours are

respect is earned, not bestowed

given to those who command it, not demand it

gathering thoughts



every day that I post

is me fulfilling that promise


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