Goodbye Springman’s Hello Langley Fiat!

I went out to do 2 errands yesterday. The first was to get the winter tires on the car.

I know, I live in raincouver on Canada’s wetest coast

but we get snow too

one year, before I became agoraphobic, so bad I couldn’t get out of the driveway – and I had a GMC Seirra 2500 huge pick up truck then – and was snowed in for several days.


Anyway, I have noticed a 7 year cycle of 2 severe years, followed by 3 moderate and then 2 mild, but that’s been thrown out of whack by the topic of the next post.


It’s freaking cold and smells like snow for days now…

Langley Fiat

Vue sniow tire lock bolt Vue regular tire


I use actual snow tires, not all seasons. They stop faster and grip better and are worth it, given what is riding on the tires, eh?

as an additional recommendation, I have a security lock bolt that prevents the hub and wheel being stolen.


Anyway, while that was happening, Debbie in sales took me for a test drive!

Fiat and Debbie


Fiat 500L


I didn’t think to take video, I just really enjoyed the smooth ride and learning about a new type of transmisison. You can operating in manual or automatic, but there’s no clutch.


I kind miss driving stick because you get a better leg workout using both, left clutch and right for gas and braking.  the risk being stopping on the break with both feet I suppose…but I think people pay more attention to driving when it takes more body/brain coordination to do it.


Anyway, the ride was smooth and the interior design reminded me of 1940s airplanes.

Pleasing lines, large buttons but the more interesting part to me was the dashboard to windshield angle.

A lot of cars have deep dashboards to provide a psychological larger space without actual space and the end result is light reflecting from the dash to the windshield and reducing visibility.

The fiat with the angle of the windshield seemed to have resolved a lot of that glare problem.


So jut remember : black, white, grey and green cars have the most accidents because they colour blend into the road or, in the case of green, suggesting going

red and bright colours are best to drive for visibility and safety





they also added 2 massage chairs and revamped the customer lounge with more coffee and tea options

and they have a great selection of magazines beyond the women’s fashion/health and men’s sports





2 kinds of fresh baked cookies


yesterday was chocolate chip and oatmeal raison

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