Moments in the day

considering the day




You can waste your time
talking to the people who
don’t listen to the things that you are saying
praying someone’s gonna care

Kris Kristofferson

silver tounge devil?
who’s to bless or who’s to blame
Pilgrim 33

freaking hell.

Gordon Lightfoot……..Go Go Round….. Go Grrrrl


vicki wager and Gina


What I wanted to share from my timeline is too far back to get a screen shot


but my pal – Comedian Vicki Wagner – got a LA cable television show – which was her goal from last year – so I did a big post to congratulate her on that



Her thanking me about creating the fan club is older, but her sister thanked me today and that’s really thrilling to know that Vicki talks about me.


I mean I know she does because her telling people about my weight loss inspired her to start the 60 Days to the Red Carpet group and now there’s a lot of people all supporting each other with weight loss goals.


I just keep hearing that 1970s shampoo commercial in my head.

I tell 2 friends and so on and so on. ….


you just never know how much more good you can do in the world.


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