Pattern Recognition vs Random Chance

How do we know what we know?

From single cell critters to the most complex, we all respond to stimuli.

The more complex the brain, the more sophisticated the assessment and mere fight/flight becomes threat and risk assessment.

All of which is dependent on the ability to correctly connect the information into a meaningful pattern.

I saw a post yesterday, where there the number 10 occurred three times in the title and the first paragraph was terse and urgently written to explain that this was significant, because each “10” then referred to some measure or incident in the writer’s existence, that had no connection or bearing on each other. mere coincidence given importance because the person is seeking meaning without quality control of deriving meaning.

Or inflating emotional meaning into dataful significance beyond an emotional swell. Emotions are best to alert us to ethical and moral matters and the strength of our connection to other people and the undertakings that we do. Emotions are our response to reality, and cognitive understanding is the framework we interpret reality.

Clarity for one is nonsense to another – which is why the third party “a reasonable person” test comes into play.

It reminded me of my one visit to a Buddhist gathering in the early 1990s, when I worked at the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective.

After chanting a phrase that no one could translate into English for me – and it’s the standard phrase – but they did it so fast that it seemed more mind numbing than mind opening.

Each person then testified as to how chanting helped them.

the one in particular that I remember was a young man who wept in agony at revealing childhood torment by an older brother, who – after the younger man started chanting and at the older brother’s wedding – the older apologized to the younger one.

who gave credit to the chanting – rather than the older brother growing up, being happy and moving into a new phase of life and embracing a more family friendly attitude. So I would expect, more down to the bride than the chant.

Chanting, prayer and mediation are all states of inner reflection and expression – ideally honest with yourself, but that’s really down to each of us

how much we convince ourselves that data points connect into a larger meaning

I struggle myself to not think that articles and posts on various sites are the universe confirming or affirming anything to do with me. There is so much out there and we seek what we need.

Confirmation bias, preferential, wishful and magical thinking. We are all delusional to some degree.. we have to be to cope.

Our ancestors had larger brains and a less complex world to cope in.

We have a complex global world awareness and a vague since of over 7 Billion people. but that’s too large a number to really understanding and cope with.

But our smaller brains have more to do with domestication than devolution.

Although, given what I have seen of the world over the last year

we have the majority of the world starving to death, while the wealthiest are eating themselves to death

given enough time, soon enough, the poor will be able to eat the rich, rather than the soylent greening the other way

and there is really no reason for anyone to not have shelter and food/water security or security of person.

equitable access for all and directed towards those in need

means that there is no system to take advantage of

we just need to learn from History – there have been so many civilizations that best practises are able to be gleaned as social policy

Evolution is random, but humans have the ability to impact and re-direct history.

It’s funny; the very first letter that I had published in newspaper was in response to a letter complaining about the coverage of Elvis in the media, because he “was just a human being.”

My letter was that Elvis was the human being the same way that JFK or Hitler were also just human beings.

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The difficulty I think is how normalized mental health issues have become – largely through comedians.

Robin Williams taught us how to be manic.

Bipolar is seeing significance in patterns where there is none

Nina as Lezzie Bruce

I joke that by smacking bipolar into manic, you get a nuanced emotional spectrum


nina watchs clouds

that cloud… it looks like….. like……… um…..

Facebook is not helping…….

facebook provides a lesson

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