Releasing on the breath

to all my ex’s:  I wish you well with the choices you made.

I think my biggest baby dyke crush was Olivia Newton-John.

I remember some woman that an uncle of mine was dating around this time, sniggering that Olivia was “one of those”

As far as I know, she’s a straight ally of the gay community.

The funniest thing that I saw on youtube last year was ONJ losing an ONJ trivia contest to RuPaul.

Grade 6

grade 11

In High School. I was teased for being a lesbian because in my locker – along with Elvis, Rick Springfield and Duran Duran, I had an Olivia picture.

I got teased from time to time

for being fat and the tallest girls

the smartest in the class

looking at this picture

I was a really cute little baby dyke.

I wish I could see me then as I see me now.

in a way.

because it’s really amazing at 45 to realize

that your babe years are not behind you.


I am only 70 pounds away from my high school weight.

Last year. I lost 150 pounds. just by changing to a vegetarian diet

but especially not eating the carb and processed foods.

so this year, the goal is exercise

because one thing that was not diagnosed was chronic fatigue

the problem of not being able to tell a symptom from a side effect

when there are multiple condition factors

is not knowing what is causing or co-causing what’s going on

I was a type 2 diabetic from 1998 until 2012. I came off metforim and insulin

and my body is recovering from critical incident stress – PTSD

because when you can’t get away from the bullies, it never stops.

and the reason why women do not report rapes

is partly from fear of reprisal because most victims know who their rapist is.

but more because the so called corrective processes

do more damage than the incidents that incite them

because you are never the expert of your own experience

and you have to constantly re-live the events

you never get away from them

and that is -30-




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