The slurry Grind

21 hours ago:

fight/flight – sex – anger – violence — all processed in the same part of the brain

distribution, negating each other

21 hours ago:

conversation clips

I don’t know that I am understood by who I talk to because their responses are not what I expect to hear back
people keep changing the topic on me and I never get to have the conversation I want to have
I am in a constant deficit of unmet needs.  so I just stopped talking




16 hours ago:

Raw Recovery notes

energy distribution – mind body

physically – weak core, muscle weakness, cold problems

will have to ask Dr. Horn about fibromyalgia…heavy sigh

depending on the other test results. 27th countdown


13 hours ago

Sidebar from comments I made about a meme on medical research in space….

with more people educated and if the Dark Ages when Christianity ruled over Europe

we … enlightenment people – that’s what took us out of the dark ages

we started to actually understand the world

so if Person A said God created it because this book says so

and you do not understand the first thing about nature

doesn’t it occur to you that you looked at the wrong book?

science is the study of nature – that which you call creation.

nature breaks down into population statistics and DNA is data

numbers crunching

creation is data and energy

the spark of willing there to be life

because it makes more sense for there to be something than nothing


mind blown

laters facebook

off to dogpile


…that which you call… seriously. Frank N furter?……..



pyche trio

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