Agoraphobic Diary April 10, 2013

Today was a good day.

I went downtown Vancouver with my roommate Lorne and I discovered a wonderful French Bakery that was new to Davie Street. At least, I don’t really remember noticing it before and it certainly wasn’t there in the early 1990s when I was a fixture on those precious rainbow blocks.

When I got home, my cousin Rhonwen Derbez phoned. She’s in from Toronto and doing a small concert tomorrow afternoon. So that’s going to be a fun outing.

I finally won my debate with her over Opera and Rock N Roll.

My cousin is a trained Opera Singer, she graduated from the University of BC and studied in Italy and France privately for a couple of years before settling in Toronto.

With all the music that was I posted, she messaged me last spring to say that she’s opened her mind a bit about fusion and collaborations.

which cracks me up since I know she know more about Opera than me.

but um……



so tomorrow will be a big day to look forward to


a visit with my cousin and getting to watch her show with my parents in the afternoon.




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